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LA County Library was established in 1912 under authority of the County Free Library Act. The Library is a special fund department operating under the authority of the County Board of Supervisors. Today it is one of the major libraries of our nation, and provides library service to over 3.5 million residents living in unincorporated areas and to residents of 49 of the 88 incorporated cities of Los Angeles County. The service area extends over 3,000 square miles. Supplementing the 7.5 million volume book collection, the Library also offers magazines, newspapers, government publications and many specialized materials including online databases.

The County of Los Angeles Public Library Digital Collections contain images, documents, and audiovisual materials that document the history and culture of Los Angeles County. The library digitizes rare and unique materials from its own collections, partners with other county departments to provide access to county materials of historical interest, and collaborates with the communities it serves to create local history materials that reflect the historical experiences of Los Angeles County residents.  

Digital Projects Collection Policy and Selection Criteria


Digital Projects at the County Library is committed to creating digital collections and resources that comply with the County Library’s overall Collection Policy and its mission “to provide a dynamic collection that meets the informational, cultural and entertainment needs of the large and diverse population of Los Angeles County.”

The Library aims to develop collections that are accessible to a broad range of individuals and groups and is committed to diversifying the digital historical record, increasing public access to unique materials, and creating digital collections in which the residents of Los Angeles County have a stake.


Digital Projects develops digital collections and resources from three sources: material held by the County Library, material contributed by partner organizations, including other County departments, and material contributed by individuals or groups in communities within Los Angeles County.

Materials are selected at the project level and are subject to the selection criteria below.


Projects are selected according to the following criteria in addition to the criteria listed in the Library’s overall Collection Policy:

Approved 2018/12/20

Take-Down Policy


This policy describes the scope of two areas of potential concern related to materials in LA County Library’s digital collections and outlines steps that individuals may take to request removal of items and/or information from the Library’s digital collections.


LA County Library takes steps to ensure that it has appropriate rights to digitize and provide access to content. Where possible, LA County Library secures rights to use works that are in copyright.

Not all materials presented in LA County Library digital collections are owned by LA County Library. Occasionally, the Library digitizes and presents materials owned by private individuals, groups, or other agencies and organizations. In some cases, the Library makes materials available even if the copyright status is unclear. Copyright holders or their agents who have reason to believe that the LA County Library has infringed on an exclusive right by digitizing or providing access to an object(s) are welcome to submit a takedown request.

In all cases, users are responsible for determining the rights status of an object(s) and securing any necessary permissions to use the object(s).


LA County Library respects the privacy of individuals represented in its digital collections. The Library advises individuals and groups who contribute materials to its collection that the items and associated information they share may be made public with their consent. The Library takes steps to identify and remove sensitive information that could threaten the privacy and security of individuals represented in the collection(s). Despite these efforts, sensitive or private information may be inadvertently included in digital collections. In such cases, living individuals whose private information is shared (or who are acting on behalf of a minor child or an incapacitated parent, spouse, domestic partner, or adult child) are welcome to submit a takedown request.

In all cases, users are responsible for addressing issues of privacy and publicity rights relating to use of and object(s) and securing any necessary permissions to use the object(s). The rights of privacy and publicity are distinct from copyright.


Parties who wish to request the removal of specific materials due to copyright or privacy concerns may contact the Digital Projects Coordinator at or

Digital Projects Coordinator
LA County Library
7400 E Imperial Highway
Downey, CA 90242

In your communication, please include:

Upon receiving communication regarding a possible inappropriate use, the Library will promptly acknowledge the communication and remove the material in question from public view while we address the concern.

The Library may work with County Counsel to make determinations about appropriate use. Depending on these determinations, the Library may remove the material(s) from its systems, restrict access to the material(s) in question, or continue to provide access to the material(s). Removing the work(s) in question may result in the Library ceasing to provide long-term preservation resources to the digitized content.

Approved 2018/12/20

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