Text for Letter from D.C. Goddard to A. S. Loughery, 1849

              [P. 1]

Dept. of the Interior
22 Nov. 1849

Capt. Sutter can, I suppose, be addressed with in San Francisco, Sacramento, or Sutter’s Mills, and would probably receive a communication sent to either place. Perhaps he had better be notified of his appointment by letters to 
each place, stating to which joins his commission was sent. 

The same course may be persent with regard to Mr. Johnston = although, as he is pretty certain to be in San Francisco, it is not essential that he should be addressed at any other place. 

I presume that no additional instructions are necessary for Mr. Johnston, other than that his [illegible] will be confined to the 


Southern part of California on the San Joachim & its ranches.

Respectfully &c,
D. C. Goddard

A.S. Loughery Esq.
Chief Clerk
Indian Office.