Text for Letter from O.M. Wozencraft to A.S. Loughery, 1850


W. 500

O.I.A. California
O.M. Wozencraft, Comm.
New Orleans, La., Oct. 26/50

Acks. receipt of & accept appointments of Comm. to treat with Indians in California via & of Indian agent to reside in that country. Also acks. receipt of [MR?] bond, &c., and returns bond accepted. Expects to start on 8th Nov. Learn that Mr. McKee (associate) will start about same time. Request if Mr. Barbour is in Wash., that he be asked to telegraph him, &c.

Recd 4 Nov. 1850


New Orleans, La.
October 26, 1850

Kind Sir,

I have the honor to acknowledge the receipt of my commission as Indian agent in California, with accompanying bond and documents; the bond bas been executed, and I herewith return it to the Department of the Interior. I likewise have received my commission as commissioner to treat with the Indians in California, with accompanying document notitying me that my duties and salary as Indian agent are suspended until after the performance of the duties of commissioner shall have transpired: both of which I thankfully accept, and promise faithfully to perform my duties to the best of my ability. 

I expect to start on the 8th of November. I learn that Mr McKee will start about that time. If Mr. Barbour is yet in Washington city, you would do me a favor by requesting him to telegraph me. 

Respectfully, your friend and obt sr,
O.M. Wozencraft 

A.S. Loughery 
Acting Commissioner