Text for Letter from Adam Johnston to Luke Lea, 1851

              vALLEY OF SAN JOAQUIN, Mercede River, California, June 24, 1851.

Sir: I have the honor to transmit herewith the application, bond, and license of George G. Belt, of Stockton, as a trader for the Indians upon the reservation lying between the Tuolumne and Mercede rivers. Mr. Belt has resided in California for several years, and is well known to the communily as an energetic buisiness man. His experience in the country and his business habits render him peculiarly fit for the position of trader in a community like that of California. The application was made on the 8th day of May iast, but owing to my absence in the other reservations, I could not until now give it my attention. The bond,
dated May 20, 1851, in the penal sum of $3,000, regularly filled up with William J. Howard and John M. Montgomery, of Mariposa
county, as sureties, is approved by me, having entire confidence in its sufliciency.

There was an application of Black & Morgan which reached me, but too late for consideration. I have placed him upon the reservation, under the license, at $1,OOO per annum from its date, June 10, 1851. Hoping my apology for the hurried and irregular proceedings of issuing the license before transmitting it to the Commissioner of Indian Affairs, as required by the second section of the act of June 2, 1834, may be found in the absolute necessity of placing an authorized trader among the Indians,

I remain your obedient servant,
Sub-Indian Agent, Valley of San Joaquin.

Washington City.