Text for Letter from Thomas H. Benton to Luke Lea, 1852


California B17
Thos. H. Benton
Washinton Jan. 30, 1852

Inc. J. C. Fremont's proposal to Agent Wozencraft to furnish beef cattle &c to Indian of California-will acceptance of said Agent.

Refers to similar proposals made to Agent Barbour. Asks that when the treaties are ratified, Mr. Fremont may be adviesd of the  decisions of the Dept.

(See bw.)

Rec'd Feb. 9, 1852


Washington City, Jany. 30, 1852

Col. Lea, Commissioner of Indian Affairs,


I left with you the original proposals of Col. Fremont to Mr. Barbour the Indian Agent, to furnish beef cattle, have made and  [came?] to the Indians in his agency, and his acceptance of the same, subject to the approval of the Department; and I now have with  you similar proposals and acceptance with Mr. Wozencraft; and have to ask that, as soon as the treaties are ratified, Col. Fremont  may be advised of the decision of the Department. 

I approached that the clause subjecting the contracts to the approval of the Department could be only applicable to the decisions of  the present eyar, as immediate decisions of a pact-i.e. within a month of the notice to Col. Fremont that the treaties. 

[N.B.?] only cattle for food were delivered.

Yours respectfully,
Thomas H. Benton